Crisis Competence

Both personal and professional crisis is part of every organization’s everyday life. Sick leave, absence, lack of crisis competence often makes this into a very costly ordeal for the work place.

Instead of avoiding crisis reactions or referring people elsewhere, a leader needs to be confident in how to lead employees through difficult times, whether they are of a personal or work-related nature.

Motivational Communication

With evidence based Motivational Interviewing we have implemented techniques and relational leadership to help leaders evoke motivation to change where there is discourse.

Unresolved issues, conflicts, victim mentality, dwelling on the past, bitterness, addictions are all known behavioral issues that affects the workplace negatively.

A leader needs to feel confident in both of the above areas. It will save the organization a lot of grief, finances and it will guaranteed replace a feeling of uneasiness with effective plans of action.

Evoke Leadership Academy’s training programs are highly interactive, not in a traditional classroom setting. We combine training with experiences designed to maximize the learning.

The participants stay in the little mountain village of Björkliden at Hotel Fjället, with its panorama windows offering an enchanting view of the arctic landscapes.

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