EVOKE Leadership Academy

We specialize in providing two invaluable competencies for leaders:

Crisis Competence
Instead of avoiding crisis reactions or referring people elsewhere, a leader needs to be confident in how to lead employees through difficult times, whether they are of a personal or work-related nature.

Motivational Communication
With evidence based Motivational Interviewing we have implemented techniques and relational leadership to help leaders evoke motivation to change where there is discourse.

Evoke Leadership Academy’s training programs are highly interactive, not in a traditional classroom setting. We combine training with experiences designed to maximize the learning.

Check out Crisis Competence for Leaders in Arctic Lapland, Sweden.

EVOKE Leadership Academy



Ulf Lidman uses evidence-based techniques from the psychological field and implements these in leadership practice.


A good leader does not provide answers or solutions, but knows how to evoke this from the people he leads.


A necessary competence for all leaders. Empathy is not a feeling but an irreplaceable hardware in every leader’s attributes.


In order to move processes forward, the leader continuously evaluates progress and tweaks, improves and adjusts along the way in cooperation with each staff member.


A training seminar with Ulf Lidman is never dry and boring. Involving rhetoric and realistic real-life stories makes time fly by.


Relationship is key in leadership. A manager is a leader, not a therapist. The department head is a mentor, not a friend.


A leader knows that his personnel are all experts on their own lives and does not intrude on their personal integrity.


A leader know how to create realistic and measurable plans together with the employees. All directions need to have a specific plan with goals and expectations.


One of the words often used by former participants in Ulf Lidman Training’s programs.


Seeing the person, the individual, is crucial. Only then can you offer support.

Ulf Lidman

My deepest passion is to equip leaders with competence in four areas. I want to put a new frame around four of the most challenging areas leaders face and replace avoidance with excitement.

Ulf Lidman